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Advancing Outcome Informed Therapy

If you are a member of the FITerati, or have been exploring ways to strengthen client engagement, increase successful outcomes, and reduce complaints, this blog is for you.

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FIT Basics Live Session, Recorded Sept 30, 2021

The first live lesson of my newly launched, FIT Basics Training Series was recorded on Sept 30, 2021

The live session is meant to be for discussion after the weekly lesson content in the forum has been completed. No one felt like talking, so I went over the lesson content and shared my own ideas. The recordings of these live sessions were not intended to be made public as I want to create a safe space for people to share openly with the group, but since I was the only one speaking I have decided to share it so you can get an idea of what it is like working with Cindy Hansen, CFT. Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a larger organization, these brief weekly trainings can help you develop a culture of feedback and incorporates the Outcome and Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice.

FIT Basics offers a brief weekly teaching on Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT).

How to use psychotherapy outcome measures to:

- strengthen client engagement

- reduce complaints and dropouts

- increase successful outcomes


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