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With over 20 years’ experience developing and implementing disruptive psychotherapy technology,  Cindy has earned a reputation as an award-winning innovator with a passion for working at the system level, in the health care industry, to improve treatment effectiveness. Recipient of the 2015, Medipex NHS Mental Health Innovation Award for the field of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Cindy is a gifted psychometrician, a member of the Psychometric Society and the first female to earn the Certified FIT Trainer (CFT) designation from the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

After more than 10 years leading the Team at MyOutcomes for Mental Well Being and working with agencies and practitioners around the globe, Cindy has now branched out to form a consulting practice focused on helping talk therapy professionals and students develop Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice core competencies.

The mission of Cindy Hansen, CFT is to help as many therapists and agencies as possible become more feedback informed in their professional performance and more deliberate in their pursuit of clinical excellence.  

Here are some examples of Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice training resources Cindy has been instrumental in developing.

2015   FIT eLearning: an accredited online psychotherapy training program in Feedback-Informed Treatment

2016   The On Track Program for developing and sustaining a FIT culture. 

2017   FIT Deliberate Practice: An introduction to Deliberate Practice providing step-by-step support to establish personal profile baselines and identify practice goals

2020   Hosting Live Professional Discussions

2021   Created short explainer videos for the International Center for Clinical Excellence on key FIT and Deliberate Practice concepts and research

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Cynthia Maeschalck, ICCE Director of Professional Development 

Cindy is a Certified FIT Trainer and has been an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) for many years. Until recently, Cindy held the position of Executive Director of the MyOutcomes data management system, a privately owned and operated program for administering and tracking the Outcome and Session rating scales. Cindy knows the system inside and out and took a lead in developing many of the features available to system users.

With the input and assistance of Scott Miller PhD and myself, Cindy was also instrumental in ushering in the FIT e-learning program which provides a basic overview of Feedback Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice. 

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