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If you share Effective Therapist or FIT Pro resources created by Cindy Hansen, CFT, you should apply to be a Community Associate. As a Community Associate, you will be able to offer your own customizable discount code good for 10% off all first time online purchases. Plus, the Goaff Pro Rewards system creates a referral link that pays out a 10% commission. Get rewarded for helping others learn and grow by recommending us today! We also offer additional bonuses, discounts, and promotions for our contributing members.

Referral Rewards

Refer your friends and earn commissions on purchases made by them

Have you ever recommended Cindy Hansen as a Feedback-Informed Treatment expert?

​Did you know you could have earned a 10% commission and given your colleague a discount code to save them 10%?

It’s really easy to sign-up and there are no hidden fees.

  1. Register and login into the affiliate portal

  2. After login, a unique referral link and coupon code will be available to share

  3. Share your referral link and the coupon code on your blog, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

  4. The dashboard tracks when followers visit through the referral link or use the coupon code during checkout,

  5. The dashboard keeps track of your commissions.



Randy Moss, USA

"Cindy is a fantastic teacher and very knowledgeable about effective therapy." 

Gun-Eva Andersson, Sweden

 "In my journey implementing FIT, Cindy has been a fantastic coach. Her enthusiasm and knowledge is so inspiring."

David Prescott, USA

"Cindy has done amazing work in this area and understands the processes of feedback-informed treatment inside and out.Besides all that, she is wonderful to work with."

Effective Therapist 

The Effective Therapist Directory promotes practice-based evidence. 


Promote your practice and connect with peers  through the Effective Therapist Directory. Profiles in the Effective Therapist Directory include everything you would expect, plus standardized ICCE reporting metrics, the ones that are easiest for potential clients to appraise: Number of Clients, Average Number of Sessions, Pre-Post Effect Size and % of Clients Reaching Target.

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