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Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice Training

Are you looking for training that's engaging and rewarding?

Someone who’s available to provide scalable, tailored lessons? Since 2007, Cindy Hansen, CFT has been committed to helping agencies and individuals around the world develop a more feedback-informed approach to care.  Whether you want to hone your existing skills or learn something completely new, can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed. 

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The Cindy Hansen, CFT Difference

International Training

ICCE Standards

FIT Basics eLearning

Advanced Data Reporting

Private Groups

Supporting FIT Culture

Deliberate Practice

Targeting Excellence

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Straight From the Source

"Cindy has done amazing work in this area and understands the processes of feedback-informed treatment inside and out.Besides all that, she is wonderful to work with."

David Prescott​

Director of Acquisitions and Training at Safer Society Press

Co-Author of Feedback-Informed Treatment in Clinical Practice:

Reaching for Excellence

Edited by David S. Prescott, LICSWCynthia L. Maeschalck, MA, CCC, and Scott D. Miller, PhD